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What's in a Beanstalk Bundle?

There are a lot of baby subscription boxes out there—toys, books, diapers, headbands … I could go on for days. So it’s no secret that parents want convenience just as much as they want their kids to be cute and comfy. So we’re adding another subscription box to your parenting tool box to make your life a little more organized. But this time, it’s all about the basics – onesies, pajamas, and socks.

 Beanstalk Bundle Baby Clothing Subscription

Each bundle has a combination of all of these items. You just choose the frequency and style of your subscription. Here’s how you create your perfect bundle:

Baby girl clothing subscription


Subscription Frequency

Monthly Subscription

  • 3 onesies
  • 3 pajamas
  • 3 pairs of socks

These bundles are delivered monthly and will automatically jump to the next size every three months, unless you indicate otherwise.

Growth-Stage Subscription

  • 5 onesies
  • 5 pajamas
  • 5 pairs of socks

These bundles are delivered every 3 months and will automatically jump to the next size with every shipment. If you need the next size earlier than 3 months after your last shipment, just send us an email or change the settings on your subscription.

One-time Bundle

When you choose a one-time bundle, you can choose a small bundle (the monthly size) or a big bundle (the growth-stage size).

*Note: Monthly Newborn and 0-3 Month bundles include 2 pairs of pajamas and 1 gown. Growth-stage Newborn and 0-3 Month bundles include 4 pairs of pajamas and 1 gown.

Baby girl, boy, and neutral clothing subscription


Our baby clothing styles are based on gender:

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Gender Neutral

You can change the style of your bundle at any time. For example, if you start your subscription before you know the gender of your baby, you can sign up for a gender neutral bundle, and update your subscription to a boy or girl bundle if your prefer the gender-specific styles.


We’re always looking for new brands and designs that parents and babies will love. Since we’re constantly getting new products and updating our inventory, each Beanstalk Bundle is unique. Some of the brands we’ve included in the past are Gerber, Luvable Friends, Touched by Nature, and Frugal Organics. Our main goal is to make sure that each Beanstalk Bundle is filled with products that are consistently high-quality and consistently cute.

If you have specific brands or products that you’d like to see in your subscription, let us know! We’d love to hear your suggestions.

Ready to start your bundle subscription? Click here to view purchasing options.

Beanstalk Bundles Baby Clothing Subscription


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